Biohazard Games offers facts and details about the Biohazard game. The Biohazard game is the Japanese version of the video game called Resident Evil. The Biohazard game also known as Resident Evil, this acclaimed game is a referent in the Horror and Survival Video Game Genre. The video game is made by Capcom. Capcom is a famous Japanese company established in 1983, which dedicates themselves to publish and develop video games. Their main office is located in Chou Ku, Osaka, Japan, but it also has branches in Europe, North America and East Asia.

The Biohazard game concept was created by Shinji Mikami, the first installment of this series was on the Playstation game Resident Evil. Shinji Mikami is a video game designer from the country of Japan. This Japanese video game designer is popular for its contribution on the creation of some of Capcom’s most popular franchises of the 32 bits era and Biohazard games.

The Biohazard games are directly made for the mature gamers, which creates vivid and exciting gaming experiences. Biohazard games contain blood and gore and is basically about solving puzzles and killing zombies created by a virus released by a company named Umbrella.

The Bio Hazard game known as Resident Evil made its debut to the video gaming market on 1996 on the PlayStation platform. PlayStation is the brand of several video game consoles developed and created by Sony Computer Entertainment. After the Biohazard games first and successful debut on PlayStation, it was also later debuted on Sega Saturn. Sega Saturn is a video gaming console released in Japan on 1994. After the debuted of the game, on the two video game consoles listed before, it had led to the production of two other sequences of the game known as: Bio Hazard 2 in 1998 and Bio Hazard 3 in 1999. Both games were available for PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast and Windows platform.

The Biohazard 4 was first released in 2005 for Playstation2, Gamecube, Playstation 3, Wii and Windows. This fourth game series had an only upgrade for PC to make it more enjoyable. This game also had a mobile version which differed from its original version mostly in how the story flows along with a better mercenary mode.

The Biohazard 5 was officially released on March 5th of 2009 in Japan and in Europe and North America on the 13th of march of 2009. This is the latest game in the saga and was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The Biohazard games media has expanded the game to novels, comic books, sound dramas, several collectibles like action figures and computer live action films. Here, at you will find all information about the Biohazard Game.