Welcome to the world of BLUE PLANET!

Blue Planet is a new science fiction roleplaying line from Biohazard Games. Designed from the ground up to be a compelling, hardcore roleplaying experience, Blue Planet is intended for the serious, mature gamer looking for rich and realistic adventure. The product line focuses on true roleplaying, quality of story and depth of background. Blue Planet presents a world of intense conflict, elusive mystery, and high adventure, interlaced with an over-arching story and progressively developing plot lines.

Care has been taken to present a realistic science fiction world with a hard frontier edge. The science of the technology, and the ecology of the world have been carefully presented to be both rich and authentic, and concern for a natural suspension of disbelief was a key feature of the design process. Environmental responsibility and protection are also major themes in the game. Blue Planet is linked to a prominent environmental group, both as a plea for our own world's oceans, as well as a source of funding. Ten percent of the profits from the entire Blue Planet line will be donated to this conservation group to fund public education about marine environments and their protection.

The game is supported by intuitive, robust mechanics, emphasizing simple yet realistic play. The Persona Profile gives genuine substance to characters providing them with unique personal histories, goals, motivations and personality traits. The availability of extreme genetic modifications also enhances character potential and originality. Combat mechanics are simple and fluid, yet realistic and powerful enough to support table top firefights. Dynamic vehicle rules allow for high energy chases and 3D dog fights, while throughout the mechanics the emphasis is on playability, realism, and game flow. Blue Planet promises to be a unique gaming line, providing an original experience and direction for the serious science fiction roleplayer.

The primary Blue Planet world/rule book is scheduled for a January 1st, 1997 release, and will be approximately 275 pages. This book will be followed closely by "Sea Level", the first Blue Planet campaign, "Archipelago", a guide to the people, places and plots of Poseidon, and "Airlock", a technological resource for the world of Blue Planet.

We are currently working with Shadis Magazine to present a free, full color, multi page insert as an introduction to the Blue Planet game. With background information, sample characters, maps, creatures and a mini scenario, this packet will immerse you in Biohazard's new world by taking you through your first Blue Planet adventure. Watch for it!

"When you enter the ocean, you enter the food chain . . .
not necessarily at the top."
- Jacques-Yves Cousteau




Written by Jim Heivilin. Last modified 7/26/96.