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Archipelago Intro Contest:

Entry by Pnzr7

"Thank you for coming on such short notice,  Mr Reed. Did you have a good
"A bit cramped and long, but uneventful."
"Well, i'm glad you're here now, please have a seat and i'll get started. As
you might already know my name is Raymond Haight and my company Trinity
Oceanics can use the skills of a troubleshooter such as yourself. You see i
do not intend to let what i've accomplished disappear because of some dumb
mistake; but don't let me bore you with a history lesson."
Too late, thought Reed, i already know that Dundalk  is going to hang you out
to dry if you cannot deliver what they want. And soon.
When Reed first entered Haights office he had given it a quick once over to
size up this possible employer. Nothing had seemed out of the ordinary,
except the rather large wall display behind Haights desk. Now as Haight
prattled on his eyes came to rest on it. Outside of incorperate boardrooms
back in Haven Reed had never seen the time/date display that currently
occupied his thoughts. Slpit into three distinct sections it said more about
Mr Raymond Haight than even he cared to admit. Across the top were a series
of clocks telling time at Prime Meridian, local time and - most telling -
GMT. The center section consisted of a waterfall display that showed the
position of the sunrise/sunset terminators across Poseidon. Lastly the bottom
showed the several calanders in effect on this world. An Earth standard 365
day version, a Poseidon Adjusted Earth Calander (PAEC or pace) composed of 12
months shortened to fit the 330 day local year. AS an addition it also
numbered each day so that one could converse with the natives - if they
"...and now the reason why i've called for your assistence Mr Reed."
concluded the long winded Haight.
"Three days ago, off of Sandy Hook, we lost contact with a research
submersible doing fairly routine survey work for us. Ordinarilly i wouldn't
be upset with loss of contact as this has occured in the past, but this time
the sub in question was...is on loan to us from Dundalk. I have no intention
of having to pay several million scrip to them on a whim, that is why i
brought you in." Turning to look at his wall display Haight continued"It is
imperitive that you complete this assignment by 18 June."
"That leaves my only six weeks to search over 5,000 square klicks for this
Turning quickly,Haight stared into his eyes before speaking"Are you saying
that you can't do this?"
"Not at all, but it will require a substantial increase in my fee."
Haight nodded then produced a dataspike, which he waved in Reeds face. "Tis
contains all pertinate data on the sub, its last known location, and bank
fund transfers - hopfully too your liking."
As Reed reached for the 'spike, Haight added"I expect results."
"That's what i deliver."