Killer Crosshair Dragon

The Oddball of the Month Award goes to this curiosity from Missouri which consists of two transparent plastic grids, 14 pages of target silhouettes (men, women, horses, house cats), and about 10 pages of rules. Billed as a “visual targeting system” compatible with most RPGs, Killer Crosshairs enables you to determine with startling precision exactly which body part you hit with a successful attack. It works like this: After making an attack roll, you place a grid on the silhouette that most closely resembles your target. Next, you consult the System Conversion section to determine a Crosshairs value that corresponds to your roll; each game system has its own fomula (AD&D players use the formula for d20 rolls). You count off the indicated number of spaces on the grid and - ta da-a-a - hey, you shot that arrow right down his throat! It’s quick, accurate, and disturbingly realistic; I, for one, could live without knowing whether my axe creased some sucker’s skull or whacked him in the crotch. And the system seems to assume that the targets are standing still; wouldn’t you need a smaller silhouette for, say, a target who’s running away? (Or, more precisely, a series of decreasingly smaller silhouettes as the target recedes into the distance? This could get complicated.) But I’m nit-picking. If you’re a marksman who absolutely has to know if you skewered that pussy cat’s paw or just nicked its whiskers, this is a must.