Killer Crosshaird

Does your favorite game system have the power to handle this situation? Does your system provide this level of detail, this level of realism? Could you determine if the player hit the terrorist or if they hit the hostage instead? Did the shot miss completely, or did it stray enough to hit someone else?

In most RPGs, an attack either hits or misses with no indication of where the shot actually struck. In addition most systems treat all damage the same regardless of what part of the body is hit. A leg hit has very different effects than a shoulder wound, and such effects can be critical in the tense, action-packed scenes of a role-playing game.

In such situations, Killer Crosshairs can make all the difference. Killer Crosshairs is a unique visual targeting system for role-playing games that uses plastic transparencies and target silhouettes to create realistic combat situations. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s interactive. Killer Crosshairs is universal, working with any game system, doing nothing to slow down the action, while helping to keep the game tense and exciting.

Killer Crosshairs is not just for use with firearm combat. Any kind of attack, with any sort of weapon, can be made with this system: guns, melee weapons, hand- to-hand, anything! Killer Crosshairs works with your favorite game system, not against it. You make your normal “to hit” roll as per your system’s rules, and combined with one additional simple die roll, Killer Crosshairs tells you exactly where the attack hit.

In addition, should your game system not cover damage by location, Killer Crosshairs provides universal injury tables to describe the results of your targeted hits; fractures, concussions, organ damage, etc. The table lends just enough detail to give players a real feeling for the effects of injury while being simple enough to keep the game fast and furious.

Killer Crosshairs contains:

RULES: Simple, concise rules, facilitating understanding through examples.

TARGETING TRANSPARENCIES: There is one for projectile type attacks and one for swung type attacks, each integral to the visual interaction and realism of the system.

TARGET SILHOUETTES: Thirty rendered silhouettes in a spectrum of useful poses.

INJURY EFFECTS TABLES: Descriptions of injury effects, cross-referenced by location and severity.

SYSTEM CONVERSIONS: These simple numbers adapt Killer Crosshairs to any game system.