Offices and Quarters

Biohazard Games Expedition to Poseidon, March 2200

Holographic Footage

Requires Quicktime Holoplayer Plug-in
(without this plug-in you will only get 2D movie images).
Abo Movie Aborigine?
Local poachers claim to have captured a juvenile aborigine - the organism remains unclassified.
Breach Movie Breaching Lesser White
Well, actually a breaching humpback calf, but hey, it was too cool to leave out ; ).
Eel Movie Mud Eel
They have lots of sharp teeth and are hard to catch, but the locals love them in tacos.
Dolphin Movie Native Fins
A pair of native dolphins stop by to say hello and pass on the latest news.
Drying Fish Movie What's for Dinner?
The day's catch, salted and drying in the sun. Shredded and re-hydrated, it's used to make Machaka, a mainstay of the native diet.
Grandma's House Movie Grandma Chi's House
A matriarch of the Westcape native population, Grandma Chi has one of the few stone houses in the village.
Westcape Movie Southpoint Island
A panoramic view of Southpoint from its southernmost sea cliffs, with Westcape to the North, and Dyfedd well beyond the horizon.
Sealions Movie Ranchers
Ranch hands (er...flippers?) take a break from their daily labors on a local fish farm.
Sunset Movie Red Sky
Red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.

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