They say a picture is worth a thousand words . . .but we all know how long 
a picture takes to download ; ). So, here instead, is a thousand words 
(almost) that are quick to download.
In advance of a formal press release detailing our upcoming RPG Blue 
Planet, we will be posting a series of short vignettes that appears in the 
first book, in hopes of providing you with a compelling look into this 
exciting new game and it's unique world. 
Here is the first . . . enjoy! 
It was the third day of the fourth week after the orbiters splashdown,
and Neilson and the crew had finally checked and re-checked and
wrangled with the computers long enough to pronounce the atmosphere
and water safe for the dive team. I was out of my environmental
shell and already pulling off my thermalsuit when McClaren came in
from sonar to tell us we could all go for a swim.  He glared at me; 
I smiled at him and headed for the topside hatch. The airlock had only 
cycled half open when I climbed out on deck and into the alien sunlight and 
air of Poseidon.  I could hear Neilson over the intercom, yelling at me to 
come back and put on a bio-monitor.  I turned around, gave the intercom 
camera my sweetest "screw you" smile, (you've probably seen the clip) and 
jumped over the side.
It's that first moment I'll never forget.  I'm no poet, but by god,
I'll tell you, sliding into that water felt like coming home.  No
lie.  It was as real as I'm sitting here talking to you.  A kind
of dreamy, half deja-vu.  It lasted for maybe five minutes, maybe
more, while that crystal-blue water worked its way into every pore. 
I just hung there about 2 meters under, grinning like an idiot
(you've probably seen that clip, too).  Strangest thing I've ever
The bioengineers tell me it was some kind of hormone induced
euphoria -- all  the modies get it on their first dive, apparently. 
But I don't buy that crap.  It was more than that.  It was the
Planet.  No, I'm not crazy.  It was the Planet.  It reached out and
took hold of me and held on -- as if I'd  been gone a long time and
had just come back home.
Anyway, I was the first, and am proud of it.  And now you know why
they call that "hormone induced euphoria" The Lesear Effect.
-- Nathaniel Lasear, First Generation Modie
from Tidal Forces, interviews, by Ashri Khenera

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