The Gear Shed


  Here is some of the better slang from our recent BP games:  
ATOMIC MONKEY Cetacean slang for GEO Shock Troopers (sometimes used for any highly modified human). Brand Walker
BAGGIE This is the general term used for a sort of digestible balloon that can be filled with any of a variety of intoxicants and subsequently consumed by partying cetaceans. Jeff Barber
BLACKFISH A term used by fishermen in the Pacific Northwest to refer to Orcas. Jim Heivilin
BWC This is the abbreviation commonly used when referring to the Blue Water Circle ecoterrorist organization. Jeff Barber
DESMANDO A lost contact or target. E.g. a fighter pilot or police detective is pursuing a mark through an asteroid field or a crowd and loses him. William Hindmarch
FIREBREATHER Any round of explosive ammunition. William Hindmarch
FLOATER Besides the obvious reference to a waterlogged corpse, this term is also used to refer to drifters, urchins and other waterworld vagrants. Jeff Barber
To do EVA (extra-vehicular activity) from a spacecraft or submersible. Ndege Diamond
INA (long i, short a) This is the Hawaiian word for land, and is in fact one of the islands in the New Hawaii cluster. Used in the native vernacular the word is a Semi-derogatory term for any non-native. Jeff Barber
JESSIE/JESSICA DOE Unidentified female corpse, like "Jane Doe." The most common name for girls born on Poseidon is "Jessica," after Jessica DeMarco, the first human born on the planet. The naming tradition started with natives but eventually spread to newcomer colonist. Tun Kai Poh
JONAH A baggie in a fish. Brand Walker
LAVORG This in an abbreviation of Lavender Organics. Brand Walker
MONKEY DRAG Directly refers to humans hanging onto a cetacean to increase the group's travel speed (and slow down the cetacean). The slang refers to anything humans do that cetaceans think is silly or stupid. Sometimes used in good humor and sometimes derogatorily. Joe Heck
NAPE Naked ape. A human. Ndege Diamond
OUT Communications Protocols: This is my last transmission and I don't expect a reply. Jim Heivilin
OVER Communications Protocols: This concludes this transmission but I expect a reply. Jim Heivilin
PROFESSIONAL CASUALTY Usually refers to a mercenary who is considered by the unit or the employer to be expendable. Tun Kai Poh
QUERY This is a general term for any type of signal either sent by or directed towards a cybernetic trode, jack or uplink jack. Jeff Barber
READ YOU 5 BY 5 Communications Protocols: "I read you loud and clear". Used to let the sender know how well you are receiving them. The first number was how loud the line was (5 being the best) and the second number was how free of static and other line noise. Ndege Diamond
ROGER Communications Protocols: I have received your transmission and I understand. Jim Heivilin
SCHOOL(ING) This term describes people hanging out, working together or otherwise acting in close association. Jeff Barber
SNEEZE To let go of all a craft's hard kill weapons (missiles, torpedoes, what have you) at once, normally in an escape or last-breath effort. William Hindmarch
TAKING ON SPACE Sure it doesn't actually happen, but this is a hull breech on a space craft. As in "we're taking on space." William Hindmarch
WATER A term among natives referring to personal courage, daring and/or honor - as in "he has a lot of water to stand up for her like that after what she did to him ". Jeff Barber
WATER BURNER A fusion power plant, or any craft that uses fusion. Stems from those power plants you can refuel with water. Ndege Diamond
WATER DEPARTMENT Refers to the the division of a corporation responsable for doing " wetwork" or assassinations and other covert (or dirty) assignments. Ndege Diamond
WELCOME WATER A term native cetaceans use to describe the seawater they habitually spit on newcomers to Poseidon. The act is as inexplicable as cetacean humor, but tradition has it that it helps fade The Spots faster, though there is no medical evidence supporting the claim. Jeff Barber
WILCO Communications Protocols: I have received your transmission and I understand and will comply. Jim Heivilin
WISEGUY A smart missile or torpedo. Also any hard kill weapon with exceptional tracking capabilities. William Hindmarch

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