What’s New at Biohazard

As of: 1 October 2007 Okay, I lied last time I guess. I didn’t do much better. But Real Life has an annoying way of intruding on things you plan to do.

However to assuage those feelings of guilt, at least partially, he has finished Undercurrents .

There may be other developments in the offing but I’m not fully tuned in to them and don’t have permission anyway to divulge anything. I’ll post things as they get released however, or you can join the mailing list to keep up to date (as well as discuss your campaign with your fellow enthusiasts).

As of: 18 March 2005 Okay, good intentions don’t seem to be cutting it. I had meant to update things some as of the last post back in November but events seem to conspire to obstruct me.

But this time I’ll do better, I promise! (hehe)

Seriously, there’s been a lot more activity on the BP yahoo group along with some requests for things so I’ll do my best to get some stuff done next week.

As of: 02 November 2004 Well, it’s been forever since I’ve made an update here. I’m using a new tool called Plesk that our hosting service provider has and it’s interesting.

Jeff got a new gmail address and he’s using that instead of his AOL account now. If you need to contact him (keep in mind he spends a lot of time racing down Mount Crested Butte on assorted implements of speed and teaching kids biology type stuff so he may be pretty busy, as well as being newly married) bounce him a note.

The IP (intellectual property) of Blue Planet has passed back from Fantasy Flight Games to us now. Jeff and Greg have some ideas for what to do next but it’s progress is greatly dependant upon our “day jobs” so it may take awhile. I’ll try to keep everyone in the loop on developments.

The Yahoo group has been up and working (and busy or not at intervals) still. You can join at

We plan some more updates soon.

As of: 01 March 2003 Whoa!

I didn’t realize it had been so long since I had updated this page. Let me give you some news then. The link between Biohazard and Fantasy Flight is going as strong as ever even if the production schedule seems to have slowed down a bit.

Ancient Echoes, the Cetacean book, is in stores now. I don’t know for sure which book is next but when I find out I’ll keep you informed. I’m also going to put a header up top so you can easily find Fantasy Flight’s website for the latest news. There may be a slight delay for it to arrive here but it will, trust me. 😉

Fantasy Flight has a special deal going on now, you can get four Blue Planet supplements for a really good price. Read on below.

For news strictly on Blue Planet go to FFG’s Blue Planet website. Stay tuned and I’ll add more news and content here in the coming weeks.

On another note, Jeff has been working on the Midnight project. I’ve been helping him playtest parts of it and I can tell you it’s Way Cool.

Ancient Echoes (look at the cover)

Genetically uplifted dolphins and orcas offer Blue Planet players a unique opportunity to roleplay characters who are at once familiar and strikingly alien. ANCIENT ECHOES, the fifth supplement for the Blue Planet v2 RPG line, will give players and GMs all the information they need to roleplay genlifted cetacean characters and incorporate them into a Blue Planet campaign.


Descriptions of the physiology and phychology of genlifted cetaceans

Details on cetacean history, culture, and society

Information about the cetaceans’ unique worldview

Details on cetacean factions, from the Deep Ocean Cadre to the Church of Whalesong Thogony

Guidelines to help players get the most out of roleplaying cetacean characters

Tips ofr GMs on designing scenarios for cetacean characters



Essential Collection (look at the cover)

Poseidon, 2199 AD. Prepare for a compelling journey into humanity’s future on a distant planet where life is hard and dying is easy. This is a collection of four Blue Planet hardcover supplements at an amazing price.

Fluid Mechanics: More than just a guide to gear this source book presents detailed information on the design and capabilities of computers, genetic modifications, vehicles, robots, weapons, and more!

First Colony: This source book allows you to make your colonial boomtowns vivid in every detail.

Frontier Justice: Welcome to the dark side of human colonization where Mafia enforcers pray upon the weak and GEO Marshals administer justice.

Natural Selection: This source book gives moderators and players alike everything they need to run and survive exciting wilderness adventures.


ONLY $39.95!

Available Now!

As of: 05 April 2001 Mailing List back up

The mailing list was down from March 28th until April 4th. We apologize for the inconvenience. Apparently our provider was upgrading their server and it is now back in working order.